Xcel-Arc ER100S-G High Tensile MIG Wire

Xcel-Arc ER100S-G High Tensile MIG Wire

XA ER100S-G is a high tensile copper coated, triple de-oxidised solid mig welding wire supplied on 15kg plastic spools.
This is a low-alloy mig wire with CR-Ni-Mo additions designed for welding high yield strength steels with minimum tensile strength higher than 770 Mpa. Excellent impact strength at low temperatures down to -50°C. Designed for welding a range of quench and tempered steels and HY-80 base materials and ASTM A514, A543, A724 and A782 quenched and tempered plate. Ideal for Military low alloy applications.

XA ER100S-G wire is Copper Coated for superior arc-starting characteristics and for long contact tip life.
Precision Layer Wound for smooth uninterrupted wire feed with less liner and tip wear.

  • High Tensile Welds 690 MPa (100ksi)
  • Chrome Nickel Moly Alloyed
  • Precision Copper Coating
  • X-Ray Quality
  • Precision Layer Wound
  • Smooth Feeding
  • Clean Weld Finish