XCEL-ARC 4043 Aluminium MIG Wire

XCEL-ARC 4043 Aluminium MIG Wire

Xcel-Arc 4043 Aluminium MIG Wire is one of the highest quality aluminium welding wires available due to its consistent feed ability which is accomplished through use of advanced wire drawing technology and a proprietary triple shaving process. The major element in 4043 wire is 5% silicon. 4043 is a softer wire due to its silicon content which makes it ideal for castings as the melting point is lowered. The wire has excellent weldability and the addition of silicon aids in the wires fluidity whilst welding.

  • High Quality
  • Triple Shaved
  • X-Ray Quality
  • Precision Layer Wound
  • Smooth Feeding
  • Low Fume Factor
  • Clean Welds

International Approvals:

  • DB • ABS • DNV • CE