ESR-11 Magmaweld E6013 General Purpose Electrodes

ESR-11 Magmaweld E6013 General Purpose Electrodes

General-purpose electrode for structural steelwork, workshop and maintenance welding. Easily operated in positional welding, including vertically-down. Good gap-bridging and smooth arc, well suited for tack-welding due to it’s easy arc striking and restriking properties. Welds are smooth, slightly concave and blending into base metal without undercutting. Suitable for welding on galvanized, primer painted and slightly rusted components.

  • All Position
  • Extremely Stable Arc
  • Good Arc Starting and Restrike
  • Self Releasing Slag
  • Low Spatter Level
  • Good Weld Bead Appearance
  • International Approvals

● AWS SFA A-5.1 E6013
● AWS/ASME SFA-5.1 E6013
● DIN 1913 E43 22 R(C)3

Typical Weld metal Analysis:
C: 0.08%  Si: 0.3%  Mn: 0.5%

Typical Mechanical Properties of Weld Metal:

Yield Stress          Tensile Strength       Elongation       Impact Values
480Nmm2               530N/mm2                   27%                80J@0°C