Plasma Cutter Air Filter

Plasma Cutter Air Filter

Using clean dry air with a Plasma Cutter is crucial as moisture can cause a short-circuit within your torch. Other advantages with the plasma air filter include longer lifespan of consumables and improved cut quality from your machine.The Xcel-Arc Plasma Cutter Air Filter eliminates sputter caused by moisture and oil from compressed air lines. With new and improved technology, the plasma air filter is able to entrap particles as small as .01 microns.

It’s recommended that you replace the filter cartridge every five to seven days.

• Filters up to 1,250 L/min
• Removes contaminates
• Entraps moisture
• Extends consumables life
• Prevents torch short-circuit

The AT100 Plasma Air Filter is supplied standard without inlet or outlet connections. Inlet and Outlet thread connection is 1/4-NPT female.